Emotional Design

16 04 2010
UX Magazine has published a great article on the art of of emotional design – that is, designing interfaces which play to the user's awareness of emotion. This is something UX practitioners don't often think about, but it's becoming even more apparent in the design of mobile touch devices like the iPhone and the iPad. If you're not convinced, ask yourself this question: which operating system do you think is happier – Windows or Mac OS X? I presume you would've picked Mac OS X because the icons bounce and wiggle. Perhaps the success of the iPhone and iPad can also be attributed to Apple's emotional UI, which on a mobile device, is personal and emotionally engaging.

Playing to the user's emotion will create a powerful user experience. It will also create a strong brand identity because it gives life and personality to the product. Emotional design, if executed well, can really differentiate your product and create brand loyalty.

Read the full article on UX Mag.

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