Randwick City Library’s eBook collection

18 03 2010

To my surprise, the Randwick City Library in Sydney actually has a Digital Library website which allows you to borrow ebooks. Currently, the library only supports Adobe® PDF eBooks but it's a great start. There is also a good range of audio books.

To borrow an ebook, you will need to download and install Adobe® Digital Editions and have a library card. The best thing about it is that you will never accrue late fees because the ebook will automatically expire at the end of the loan period. The library is also open 24/7.

One might argue that there isn't a market for ebook loans since they are fairly cheap to download. Amazon sells Kindle ebooks for around the USD $10 dollar mark, and you can even get your hands on top sellers for $2.00. If libraries in the future have a wide range of ebooks for different devices, I can see this really taking off. Why pay for an ebook if you can borrow one for free? And if you're an ebook addict like me, it can get costly.

It's great to see the Randwick City Library embrace the digital era which leads me to the question, what will the local library look like 5 to 10 years from now? If ebook loans take off, will the sense of community which libraries foster soon disappear? Or will less book shelves give libraries more space, resources and opportunities to build more community?

You can check out the Randwick City Digital Library here.

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