Mobile App Marketplace: $17.5 Billion by 2012

18 03 2010

For those of us who are addicted to downloading mobile apps, we know it’s going to be big. But how big? Mobile application store operator, GetJar, recently commissioned a study to answer this question and the stats are astounding:

* The annual growth rate for mobile app downloads is 92%
* By 2012, off-deck, paid apps will be the biggest source of revenue
* In 2009, mobile operators accounted for more than 60% of apps’ revenue
* By 2012, mobile operators will account for less than 23% of apps’ revenue
* The app store growth (8 to 38 by 2012) is an increase of 375%
* Revenue opportunities in Europe will grow from $1.5 billion in 2009 to $8.5 billion in 2012
* Revenue opportunities in North America will grow from $2.1 billion to around $6.7 billion in 2012
* Apps are most popular in Asia where they account for 37% of global downloads this past year
* Users spent the most for apps in North America where they account for over 50% of revenue

And the iPad hasn’t even hit the market yet.




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