Is the iPhone Still More Personal than Professional?

12 03 2010

According to recent research in the US, iPhone app usage is at its peak at 9pm during the week and throughout weekends. It concludes that the iPhone is still primarily a consumer device rather than an enterprise device. This research confirms my own iPhone usage as well as my observations of the corporate world.

Firstly, there is the perception that the iPhone is not a serious business device. This might sound ‘old school’ but unfortunately, perception is reality. Checking a work email on a device capable of playing Street Fighter may not be considered enterprise enough.

Secondly, it is more difficult to type on the iPhone’s touch keypad than it is to type on the Blackberry’s tactile keyboard. Business professionals who rely on their mobile for emailing when they are out of the office need to be able to type efficiently and accurately, and they need to type more than 140 characters.

Having said this, Apple is making a mark in the corporate world. If you think about it, corporates are run by employees who are consumers and consumers are people who have personal devices. In other words, the line is blurring between enterprise and consumer devices because we are one and the same person.




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