Web Axe – Practical Web Design Accessibility Tips – Podcast and Blog: 7 tips for designing for older users

6 05 2009
Check out this website I found at webaxe.blogspot.com

7 tips for designing for older users (Web Axe).

1. Make obvious what’s clickable and what’s not. (Please don’t mess with the underlines!)
2. Use radio buttons rather than dropdown menus. (Unless you have over, say, 8 options.)
3. Stay in one window.
4. Implement the shallowest possible information hierarchy. (And forget 3 or 4-level cascading menus; they are also difficult to navigation with our without a mouse.)
5. Include a site map and link to it from every page. (Also good for SEO.)
6. Keep your language simple.
7. Appear trustworthy.

Web Accessibility is about providing equal opportunities to all Australians on the web and this includes the elderly. These 7 tips are not just great for accessibility, they are the basic principles of usability. It’s time to embrace Australia’s aging population and recognize that accessible websites will fast become the leaders of tomorrow.

Did you know that web accessibility, usability and SEO (search engine optimization) are best friends?

Accessibility + Usability + SEO = Greater Audience Reach.

This is a formula for success on the web we need to embrace.

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